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MTD Myths

TOP 5 MTD Myths

  1. You must use cloud software … false

You can use a many different type of software to store your transactions including Excel and older versions of accounting software. It does not have to be a cloud solution

  1. The current HMRC portal is closing … false

The current portal is not closing in April 2019. Only companies above the VAT Threshold of £85,000 need to use MTDsolutions. 

  1. All 2 million companies need to use MTD … false

Only 1.1 million companies turnover is over the VAT Threshold of £85,000. All other companies who have voluntary signed up can use the existing portal.

  1.  MTD is being postponed … false 

3.5% of organisation who have a turnover of over £85,000 will be delayed until October 2019

  1. HMRC require all your digital records … false

At the moment HMRC are requiring the same 9 boxes as before and at this moment in time do not require the transactions.

MAP5 Upgrade

MAP5 is now available check back to see more info in the future.

Upgrading to this latest version couldn’t be simpler. All data and customisation in version 6 are automatically transferred along with user security settings and any user defined reports.

The fresh modern interface speeds up access to accounting records and the new Landing Pages provide functionality to reduce the need for report creation.

New modules include Data Visualisations and CRM. DataVisualisations allow your Datafile records to be displayed and edited in Chart / Calendar / Timeline and Kanban format and our new CRM provides Activity tracking and follow up for Customers and Contacts.


Each module now comes with a Landing Page which can be set by user and provides the following:

  • Powerful new Find.
  • Fast Access to regularly used functions.
  • Optional page Totalling.
  • Data Grouping and Sub-Totalling.Sales Ledger Landing Page – Standard View

• Colour Coding based on user defined rules.• Data Filtering including Saved Filters.
• Explorer View and Timeline Filters.


Using the FIND function


Grouped and Subtotalled by Sales Person


These can show Day / Week / Month / Half Year / Full Year Views from the system data. The underlying system data can then
be edited using drag and drop
  • Customer Delivery Calendar
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Configurable Event Dates
  • Configurable Event Preview
  • Display Only or Drag and Drop to Edit
  • User Permissions for Editing