Archive 17th April 2020

Are you or your staff spending hours inputting web generated orders?


Recently the biggest questions we are being asked are to do with external integration of web-shops and auto-order creation. So, I thought we would list some of the time saving integrations available.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

This provides a framework for automatically importing and exporting Sales and Purchase Orders from a Third-Party system. A full data mapping and validation tool ensures system integrity.

Most common use of this is to Import Sales Orders taken on a Website and export Purchase Orders.

If you’re spending lots of time creating orders that have been generated in volume you could be importing them from a file and creating hundreds of orders in a matter of seconds. The system can then auto-acknowledge, auto-deliver, auto-invoice and auto-pay with allocation, all as required.


Integration with MSSQL and or MYSQL databases with 2 options SQL Out & SQL In

Extremely useful in website integration and report writing. SQL-Out would allow an excel report to be saved and the data updated with the latest information on opening or at the press of a button.

Stock Control

Where Stock Transactions are generated in a Third-Party system and Stock also needs to be managed in the Datafile Stock Control module then this provides data mapping and validation.

An example may be where a specialist Retail system is in place and needs to update Stock levels.

Contract and Job Costing

Where Job Costing Transactions are generated in a Third-Party system and need to be applied in the Datafile module then then this provides data mapping and a data validation process.

An example may be where Timesheets may need to be imported from a Clock Card system.

Sales and Purchase Ledgers

Where Ledger transactions are generated in a Third-Party system, they can be imported into the Datafile Sales and Purchase Ledgers via field mapping and a data validation process.


XML files can be generated for Output from any Datafile table. If Import of XML files are required into the Datafile system, then a field mapping and data validation tool is available.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.