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With the recent launch of the REAL/32 Web Server, REAL/32 can now be used as a fully featured Internet or Intranet server.  More importantly, MAP4 can now be "Web enabled", making it accessible from the Internet or via the company Intranet.The Web Server is supplied with a JAVA applet that provides a terminal session into the MAP4 server from any Web browser. 

This allows us to build buttons within our user's Web pages that, when clicked, will open a terminal session into MAP4, just as if they were using the system locally.  This opens up many possibilities for remote access to MAP4 which, when combined with the low cost of ownership compared with other environments, makes it ideal for small to medium size businesses.


As an extension to the terminal session facility, it is a relatively simple process to produce web pages that are fully interactive with MAP4.   In practice this allows MAP4 users to design Web pages giving their customers on-line access to stock availability, for example, or permit them to enter their own sales orders.

This access would normally be made available to selected customers only and be password protected, since access requires nothing more, at the remote site, than a PC with Internet connection.
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